Friday 18th May

Hi everyone

This week has left me exhausted. Hopefully more than a few children feel the same but I think that some pupils need to think about whether they have given all that they could.

There has been no lack of effort from Sonny.  His Viking saga has grown even longer and is now even more thrilling and entertaining.  Next week we will record at least some of his masterpiece when we work on bringing the best ideas of Y4 together in a collaborative story.

Please ask your child why King Alfred is called The Great. We found the answers by searching the Internet with our new iPads (thank you Mrs Stott). More knowledge and computing skills were gained when the children used KeyNote, Slides or Pages to record and present information about the countries that will take part in the football World Cup in Russia.

Gold Book stars today were Lubaya and Euanson. Lubaya was chosen for excellent progress in Maths. Through hard work and determination she has become more confident, more able, and best of all, she actually enjoys Maths lessons nowadays.

Euanson is an outstanding mathematician but he has been selected for Gold Book for helping to inspire good reading habits in class. Whenever he has a spare moment Euanson can be found with his head buried in a very thick and challenging book.  Many of the boys now follow his excellent example.

Lexia Legend is Kyron (33 units), and Sumdog Superstar is Susan (355 questions – 100% correct answers). We must make sure that we make the most of these online opportunities. The impact of regular Lexia usage is extraordinary. There has been a 66% increase in the number of children working at or above age group expectations in reading. Average progress in Maths measured by Sumdog is 10 months.

Giselle, Jessica, Andrea, Olaseni, Deacon, Stella, Rayhan and Ramtin have impressed but my choices for Learners of the Week are Arman and Hamza. Both of these boys bring positive energy to our classroom. They have shown that they are keen to learn and to make progress. Whenever they have found their work difficult, Arman and Hamza have demonstrated the vital learning skills of resilience and resourcefulness. They also completed their homework tasks.

All pupils were given just one piece of homework today. I am hoping that everyone will complete it and return it. Too many children still think that homework doesn’t matter. There are less than 400 school days left before they will be doing SATs.

Let’s try to make every day a good one.

Have a good weekend

Mr Moore

Friday 11th May

Hello everyone

We’ve had a very productive and positive week despite it being shorter than usual.

Thank you to Miss Linsley for taking the class to Alwoodley Tennis Club on Tuesday afternoon, and thank you to Miss Linsley again for telling me that everyone behaved brilliantly and had a great time.

I am really pleased by the progress of the extended Big Write that we started on Wednesday. The children wrote the first chapters of their Viking sagas. Jessica, Susan, Ramtin, Rhys, Kyron, Ronnie, Benjamin, Fatimah, Stella, Harley, Hamza, Euanson, Sonny and Singher have all made a heroic start to the tale. Their bold language, fearless sentence starters and their brave punctuation makes me think that they might be able will complete this quest. Next week I am sure that many other children will be added to the list of legendary storytellers.

I think that almost everyone has now mastered how to use coordinates to find a point on a numbered grid. Thanks to Euanson for his tips on how we can remember to find the x before the y coordinate. Go along the corridor then up the stairs.

Food chains were the theme for our Science lesson this week. We hit a stumbling block almost immediately when the children told me that they didn’t know what a chain was even though they could say how a chain might be used. Fortunately, I had a huge metal chain in my cupboard of everything so I was able to explain was a chain was in a practical way. Thank you to Arman for not complaining too much when I used the chain to make him my prisoner for a brief time.

Today I gave the children a really simple job. Each child had to hold a couple of chocolate buttons for me. It was a test of their patience, self-discipline, restraint and tolerance. Arman was the first to crack. After only a few minutes he could resist no longer and scoffed the chocolate. I think it was his revenge for chaining him up. Actually, the lesson was really a test of my forbearance. I too had to have patience, self-discipline, restraint and tolerance, mixed up with lots of forgiveness as no buttons were returned. Only Andrea, Singher and Evie Rae were successful in the challenge but sadly I didn’t get the chocolates back as they had melted them. Oh well. I think we all learned something.

Learners of the week are Guzal and Deacon. I have chosen Guzal for super listening skills, extra focus and excellent progress in Maths. Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Bentley and I have all been very impressed by her determined and positive attitude. Deacon has been chosen for improved handwriting, for enjoying reading, for the effort he has put into all his work and for his politeness, kindness and gentleness.

The homework focus for English is the soft and hard ‘c’ sound, and in Maths the children should complete the page on coordinates. Spellings will be uploaded to Google Classroom on Sunday, and they will be printed on Monday. Well done to Liam for being a Homework Hero. He is always super keen to make sure he continues learning at home.

Have a great weekend

Mr. Moore

Friday 4th May

Hello everyone.

As I was successful in sneaking a bag of Mrs. Moore’s fabric out of the house and to school, we were able begin sewing our Viking purses. It turned out to be one of the most popular lessons of the week.  Everyone who had a go found it to be really enjoyable and therapeutic. Time seemed to slow down for a while, and we had more than just a moment to talk to each other and to think, share stories and to laugh a bit more.  Susan, Lubaya, Lilly Anna and Naza already have amazing skills but Deacon, Olaseni, Ronnie and Sonny will soon be experts too if they continue to work and sew so enthusiastically.

This week some children in my class have been quietly proving that they meant what they said when they promised to help serve others. Arman, Elyssa, Stella, Fatimah, Ramtin and Harley are just some of the children that have been taking on responsibilities without being asked.

The Science topic for this term is all about classifying animals. I asked the children to show me what they already knew. Some interesting ideas were put forward but it’s clear that we still have a lot to learn about mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, birds and insects.  Please encourage your child to do some research, and to develop some expertise on his or her favourite animal.

Y4 have completed their plans for the Viking sagas that they will write next week. We decided on a basic story, which the children have adapted and planned through making notes and by drawing a storyboard.  Sonny’s plan was immediately stuck on the working wall so that others can be inspired to aim high.

In our Maths No Problems lessons were have been revising what we know about fractions and learning some new skills. As well as converting improper fractions to proper fractions, we have been learning how to change a fraction to the decimal equivalent using the bus stop division method. The maths topic for next week is coordinates.

Spain are the most likely team to win the FIFA World Cup this year.  My class confirmed this when they made paella with Mrs. Walker this week.  It was an incredibly popular and wonderfully tasty dish and deservedly went through to the final stages of the competition. Don’t worry though, I’m sure that Yorkshire pudding and vegetarian gravy (England) will at least get through to the semi-finals.

The Learners of the Week are Sonny and Evie Rae.  I have chosen Evie Rae for consistent effort, her gentle nature gentle nature and also because she is just enjoying being young and she isn’t trying to grow up too quickly.  Plus she gained 31 Lexia units this week!  Sonny is chosen because of his passion for learning.  He has loved every task, and his focussed energy and high standard of work has been a great example to everyone.

Homework – pages on paragraphs in the English books, and revision of fractions from the Maths books (p32 and 33).  Spellings have been posted onto Google Classroom and I will print them out next week.

Next Tuesday afternoon, all Y4 children will be going to Alwoodley Tennis Cub for their PE lesson.  Please ensure that your child has PE kit, a hat, drinks and any medication that they might need.

Enjoy the long weekend.

Mr. Moore

PS I’ve just remembered that I always ask Mrs. Moore to proofread this blog.  I’m going to be in so much trouble.

Friday 27th April

Hi everyone

It’s my birthday on Sunday. Here’s a list of all the presents that I was given.

  1. The pleasure of teaching the children about Jadav Payang (the forest man of India) and the value of Service.
  2. The work that Harley did for her mum in case she couldn’t make it to our Assembly.
  3. Sonny’s determination to work out how to complete his iMovie project.
  4. The progress on Lexia made by Lubaya, Benjamin, Lilly Anna, Leigha, Giselle, Kyron, Rhys and Ronnie.
  5. Fatimah’s help.
  6. Elyssa and Abigail’s gorgeous handwriting.
  7. Deacon’s level of concentration.
  8. The ability of Naza to avoid distraction.
  9. Hamza’s computing skills.
  10. Jessica’s attitude to learning.
  11. Ramtin’s resilience and his strength to get through difficult times.
  12. Euanson’s keenness to learn new maths skills.
  13. Arman writing in his home language to share the story of St George.
  14. The return of Rayhan.
  15. The willingness of Evie Rae to challenge me when I make her cross.
  16. Xavier and Andrea’s progress in maths and Liam’s mental arithmetic test result.
  17. The perfect example that Susan shows to others.
  18. Olaseni’s kind comments about others.
  19. Stella’s infectious enthusiasm and her relentless positivity.
  20. Guzal keeping in touch with us on Google Classroom.
  21. The excitement of doing an Assembly about nothing.
  22. The wonderful support of Mrs. Bentley, Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Potter.
  23. Mr. Spink’s kind words about me during Collective Worship on Monday.
  24. The chance to spread the knowledge of how to make a work of art with ball of foil and a hammer.
  25. Mrs. Stott’s patience.
  26. All the effort that Singher gives every week to provide such beautifully presented homework.

Thank you Y4.

Have a great weekend

PS: If you multiply the number of gifts that I received by 2 then you can work out how old I am.

Friday 20th April

Hi everyone

It’s good to be back. I was disappointed to not be with my class on Monday but I had to help Mrs. Stott spend thousands and thousands of pounds on new computing equipment for next year. We already have great IT resources in school and the investment made on Monday will make learning at ACE even more exciting and effective. Mr. Poole really enjoyed looking after Y4 for the day; behaviour was excellent and the children worked really hard.

We have spent quite a bit of time planning and rehearsing our Assembly for next Wednesday. The theme has been really hard to choose because Mrs. Potter’s class have already shared what Y4 learned about Vikings and it is too soon to introduce the World Cup topic, so we’ve decided to do an Assembly about nothing.

This week our Big Write was a retelling of the story of Zero. Zero lived in a world where everyone is marked with a number. In that world, people are given value and judged by their number that marks them. Zero faces constant prejudice and persecution. He walks a lonely path until a chance encounter changes his life forever: he meets a female zero. Together they prove that through determination, courage, and love, nothing can be truly something. Stella, Hamza, Kyron, Naza and Lily Anna worked really hard to give detail and interest in their writing by including strong sentence starters and well-chosen vocabulary.

Cooking and baking are great ways to help children learn maths facts and skills. Thank you to Mrs Walker who made Viking vegetable soup with my class this week. The children learned to make a healthy, cheap and tasty meal and they sharpened their skills in peeling, cutting and chopping. Our maths topic for this week is mass, and how to convert kilograms to grams and vice versa, so please work on this by cooking with your child if you want a fun way to do some homework.

Homework. English books pages 76 and 77 (doubling letters), Maths books pages 30 and 31 (adding and subtracting fractions). Spellings will be sent out on Monday along with this week’s writing task.

It really pleases me that I can report to you how happy the children were to be back at school. They were all pleased to see their friends but I think that many of them had missed just the feeling of being part of a really special group. Amongst many, Giselle has really stood out. Her attitude to learning has been brilliant. She is Learner of the Week for being so positive, for contributing to every lesson and for working well in a group, with a partner and also independently. Giselle has been brilliant.

Please try to attend our Assembly (9:00am Wednesday), where we hope to prove that nothing can be something special.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

Friday 30th March

Hi everyone

In our final week before Easter we learned about the last few days in Jesus’ life. Using the animated film The Miracle Maker, we found out why Jesus was executed as a criminal by the Romans. There is no doubt that everyone in class understood the pain he felt and the sacrifice that he made.  Well done to Benjamin for showing great listening skills and for being able to explain the truth about why Judas betrayed Jesus.

I was impressed by Sonny’s knowledge of the animal kingdom when we learned about the bite power of different animals as part of our science topic about teeth. The children were shocked to discover that Elvis’ fangs can break bones even though he is so gentle. My sofa and jacket are not surprised at all.

More dog news this week – Winnie the pug and her human from Dogs’ Trust paid us a visit.  We learned about the wonderful work that the charity does, we were taught about safety rules and how we can make sure that dogs are always our best friends.

Learner of the Week is Leigha.  She showed me that she is really keen to make progress when she asked me to help her with an aspect of Lexia that she was finding difficult.  My other choice for Learner of the Week is Ramtin.  He has answered 966 questions on Sumdog in 7 days, and his test scores and assessment results have been excellent.

Homework for the holidays: prepositions in the English book, and symmetry in the Maths book.  I will also set Reading Eggpress spelling assignments as well as Sumdog challenges.  Please make sure that your child also does 60 minutes of Lexia for every week of the holidays.

Have a good break and eat plenty of chocolate.

Mr. Moore

Friday 23rd March

Hi everyone

Although it was ‘back to normal’ this week, we definitely didn’t have an ordinary week.

Mrs. Bentley deserves much credit for helping me to make sure that all the tests and assessments for this term were completed and marked. I know that the children are also grateful for her encouragement and support.

Thank you as well to parents and relatives who were able to attend the consultation meetings on Wednesday and Thursday. I was pleased that I was able to report so much amazing academic progress and improvements in attitude and behaviour.

Teeth and their functions is the last Science topic that we will study before the end of term. This week we learned about the names of the different types of teeth and how they are used. Today one of Lubaya’s teeth fell out and I can’t believe that I forgot to ask her what sort of tooth she had lost. Please let me know Lubaya before you hand it over to the Tooth Fairy.

On Thursday, both Y4 classes went to Brodetsky Primary School to continue the Interfaith Project and to renew our friendship with their Y5 pupils. We took a special gift for them; 12 wooden birds made from 12 different types of wood, sat in a nest of willow twigs. Y4 children cut, filed, sanded and polished rare and common sorts of wood to make a present that encapsulated ideas of difference, similarity, belonging, freedom and friendship. We really enjoyed the afternoon at Brodetsky where we learned about what happens in a Passover celebration. Familiar stories and new food was shared, and our children set a perfect example with their behaviour and respect. My favourite part of the day was when I saw Ramtin and Hamza create a special handshake to say goodbye to their good friend Coby. They have different religions but there were no barriers between them.

The homework tasks for this week include writing challenges and My Mini Maths questions to develop fluency in methods of calculation. Please try to make sure that your child completes the Sumdog assessment and twenty minutes of Lexia.

Learners of the Week and my Gold Book choices for this term are Liam and Harley. Both of them have been making a very good impression on me and other teachers for a very long time now, and their excellent test scores are well deserved. Liam has a calm and conscientious attitude and he is a really good influence on other pupils as he can always be relied on to make the right choices. Harley is also someone who is consistently giving as much as possible. Her focus on work and achievement is really paying off. Of course Harley and Liam’s test scores were excellent. Hard work and effort always brings reward.

Have a great weekend

Mr. Moore

Arts Projects – Day 10

What an amazing journey!  Despite many unexpected detours (snow, theatres, injuries and illness), the children have had a wonderful time travelling with Mrs. Johnston and Miss Allison, and they have come so far.

Thank you so much to all the parents, relatives and friends who were able to attend this afternoon’s performance. The dance sequence was both beautiful and incredibly emotive.  Tragically, it was also very timely.  During their performance, my class were showing what was happening to children in the world right now, and not something that just happens in a story.  The image accompanying the headline news on the BBC website at lunchtime showed a family desperately fleeing from war.  The mother and children in the photograph looked like they had fallen from the pages of Francesca Sanna’s book into a sad and terrible reality.

Learner of the Week could be everyone but I have chosen Miss Allison.  She helped Y4 create a stunningly powerful dance and taught them something special about dedication and commitment.  Despite being seriously hurt and hospitalised, Miss Allison came into school this morning to work with the children in order to finish their dance sequence.  She told me that she loves my class and didn’t want to let them down.

Our learning journey with Mrs. Johnston has come to an end but she has left a legacy to my class. Memories that will last forever, changed attitudes plus souvenirs of self-belief, aspiration and compassion.

Thank you Mrs. Johnston.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Mr. Moore

Arts Project – Day 9

Despite the awful weather, Y4 brought brightness and colour to my day.

Before I say anything else, 20 house points to Euanson, Susan, Singher, Liam, Andrea, Naza and Lubaya for working at home on the first draft of the diary that all the children wrote in school today. Thanks as well to Leigha who also tried to make sure that she was prepared properly for today’s first lesson.

Mrs. Johnston provided wonderful words of wisdom which really helped the children to produce writing which was better than ever. Y4 wrote the journal entries for one of the characters from The Journey. Precise punctuation, deeper description, stronger sentence structure and intense emotion was evident in much of the children’s writing.

During part of the morning and some of the afternoon, the children worked on creating painted cardboard models of birds which incorporated their initial designs that they had explored in previous lessons. Naza worked with superb focus and patience, and once again Lubaya showed some of her finest qualities: amazing artistry as well as resilience.

Tomorrow afternoon at 1:30pm our performance to parents, relatives and friends will take place. Please join us if you possibly can to celebrate the very special journey made by Y4 over the past two weeks.

Mr. Moore

PS. Best wishes to Miss Allison. Y4 wish you a speedy recovery.


Arts Project – Day 8

Startled and worried, the children were woken abruptly from their sleep in the Arts Studio. They hurriedly packed some precious possessions, and began their flight from war. Despite her fear, mum found the strength and determination to help her children endure a tragic and perilous journey. Using different modes of transport, the family made their way through the orchard, to the MUGA and over to the willow woods where they were nearly captured by a terrifying border guard.  It was simply adrenaline, survival instincts and love for each other that enabled them to run fast enough to make their escape.

Tomorrow Y4 will write a diary as though they were one of the family in the story of The Journey. I hope that my class will have a go at writing their first drafts tonight while memories are still fresh.

Sleep well Y4 and don’t dream of that horrid border guard.

Mr. Moore