Friday 10th November

Peace is something that we always need more of.  As Remembrance Day approaches, we have looked at the significance of the poppy.  We made poppies from torn paper and we read the poem In Flanders Fields.  Some children used green screen filming to record themselves reading the poem in front of a field of poppies.

Arman was a super scientist when we were learning about conductors and insulators.  He went all around the classroom testing to see which materials allowed electricity to travel through his circuit.  Leigha has worked really hard in all lessons this week.  I’m really pleased to see her trying so hard to concentrate and to focus on work.  Mrs. Walker tells me that Kyron and his mum baked some delicious scones with her this week during her cooking class.  I wasn’t surprised at all.  Kyron follows instructions carefully and can be relied on to give 100% effort in every situation but I’ll need to make sure that he pronounces ‘scones’ using the correct Yorkshire accent.

Thank you to Susan and Benjamin for the extra homework that they submitted to Google Classroom this week.  Today, each child has taken home an exercise book that is to be used for writing challenges, spellings and maths worksheets.  Homework from CGP workbooks will be given next week. 21 out of 30 children achieved full marks in the spelling test. In fact, only 20 words were written incorrectly.  Thank you parents and children for all your efforts.

I also want to thank Elyssa’s mum for reminding me that those children who completed the egg challenge need an eggstra special reward.  We agreed on hot chocolate in the café at breaktime.  Only a few eggs survived but I am sure that 4DM learned a lot about how hard it is to be responsible for something so delicate and important.  It’s a lesson that I get to learn every day.

I’ve chosen Evie Rae to be our Learner of the Week. She always listens carefully and she tries her very best with all work. Her wonderfully kind, gentle and friendly attitude never falters. My other choice is Naza. Her attitude to learning is also faultless and her behaviour is perfect. The effort that Naza puts into her work is never less than 100% and the progress that she has made in maths lessons this week is remarkable. Her confidence grows with every new day.

Please remind your children to wear odd socks on Monday in support of Anti-Bullying week. On Friday we will be wearing spots for Children in Need.  It will also be Take Over Day.  I don’t know whether to be frightened or excited.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

PS: Love, thoughts and prayers to Jess and family.

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