Friday 23rd March

Hi everyone

Although it was ‘back to normal’ this week, we definitely didn’t have an ordinary week.

Mrs. Bentley deserves much credit for helping me to make sure that all the tests and assessments for this term were completed and marked. I know that the children are also grateful for her encouragement and support.

Thank you as well to parents and relatives who were able to attend the consultation meetings on Wednesday and Thursday. I was pleased that I was able to report so much amazing academic progress and improvements in attitude and behaviour.

Teeth and their functions is the last Science topic that we will study before the end of term. This week we learned about the names of the different types of teeth and how they are used. Today one of Lubaya’s teeth fell out and I can’t believe that I forgot to ask her what sort of tooth she had lost. Please let me know Lubaya before you hand it over to the Tooth Fairy.

On Thursday, both Y4 classes went to Brodetsky Primary School to continue the Interfaith Project and to renew our friendship with their Y5 pupils. We took a special gift for them; 12 wooden birds made from 12 different types of wood, sat in a nest of willow twigs. Y4 children cut, filed, sanded and polished rare and common sorts of wood to make a present that encapsulated ideas of difference, similarity, belonging, freedom and friendship. We really enjoyed the afternoon at Brodetsky where we learned about what happens in a Passover celebration. Familiar stories and new food was shared, and our children set a perfect example with their behaviour and respect. My favourite part of the day was when I saw Ramtin and Hamza create a special handshake to say goodbye to their good friend Coby. They have different religions but there were no barriers between them.

The homework tasks for this week include writing challenges and My Mini Maths questions to develop fluency in methods of calculation. Please try to make sure that your child completes the Sumdog assessment and twenty minutes of Lexia.

Learners of the Week and my Gold Book choices for this term are Liam and Harley. Both of them have been making a very good impression on me and other teachers for a very long time now, and their excellent test scores are well deserved. Liam has a calm and conscientious attitude and he is a really good influence on other pupils as he can always be relied on to make the right choices. Harley is also someone who is consistently giving as much as possible. Her focus on work and achievement is really paying off. Of course Harley and Liam’s test scores were excellent. Hard work and effort always brings reward.

Have a great weekend

Mr. Moore

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