Arts Project – Day 8

Startled and worried, the children were woken abruptly from their sleep in the Arts Studio. They hurriedly packed some precious possessions, and began their flight from war. Despite her fear, mum found the strength and determination to help her children endure a tragic and perilous journey. Using different modes of transport, the family made their way through the orchard, to the MUGA and over to the willow woods where they were nearly captured by a terrifying border guard.  It was simply adrenaline, survival instincts and love for each other that enabled them to run fast enough to make their escape.

Tomorrow Y4 will write a diary as though they were one of the family in the story of The Journey. I hope that my class will have a go at writing their first drafts tonight while memories are still fresh.

Sleep well Y4 and don’t dream of that horrid border guard.

Mr. Moore

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