Arts Project – Day 7

This morning Y4 collected a bank of emotions, which the children applied to a range of different scenarios. The task provided the foundation for writing later on in the morning when Mrs. Johnston asked the class to redraft the story of The Journey. The children began each sentence of the original text with an adjective to describe emotion. Extra detail was added by writing additional sentences in the form of a thought, a question and another emotion. Sonny, Harley and Susan demonstrated that they are really connecting with the family in the story.

Connections were made today when the different elements of the dance work came together in our rehearsals with Miss Allison.  Lilly Anna worked especially well and showed that she is a great organiser as well as a wonderful dancer.  She took the initiative today when the children were asked to work in groups to create a new part of the dance.  Lilly Anna shared her great ideas, she listened to and valued other contributions, and gave everyone in her group great confidence by making sure that each of them knew their roles and making them feel valued.  Management potential.

We are going to the theatre tomorrow morning to see George’s Marvellous Medicine.  I think that this was the Roald Dahl book that had the strongest influence on me when I was a child. Warning to Y4 – do not copy George!  Obviously I say this with regretful hindsight. My father was never able to successfully paint over the mark left on the side of the house where I’d poured a potion that I had created.  My brother was blamed.  Hope my mum isn’t reading this.

Mr. Moore

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