Arts Projects – Day 10

What an amazing journey!  Despite many unexpected detours (snow, theatres, injuries and illness), the children have had a wonderful time travelling with Mrs. Johnston and Miss Allison, and they have come so far.

Thank you so much to all the parents, relatives and friends who were able to attend this afternoon’s performance. The dance sequence was both beautiful and incredibly emotive.  Tragically, it was also very timely.  During their performance, my class were showing what was happening to children in the world right now, and not something that just happens in a story.  The image accompanying the headline news on the BBC website at lunchtime showed a family desperately fleeing from war.  The mother and children in the photograph looked like they had fallen from the pages of Francesca Sanna’s book into a sad and terrible reality.

Learner of the Week could be everyone but I have chosen Miss Allison.  She helped Y4 create a stunningly powerful dance and taught them something special about dedication and commitment.  Despite being seriously hurt and hospitalised, Miss Allison came into school this morning to work with the children in order to finish their dance sequence.  She told me that she loves my class and didn’t want to let them down.

Our learning journey with Mrs. Johnston has come to an end but she has left a legacy to my class. Memories that will last forever, changed attitudes plus souvenirs of self-belief, aspiration and compassion.

Thank you Mrs. Johnston.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Mr. Moore

One thought on “Arts Projects – Day 10

  1. I am so sorry that I was unable to be at your celebration but am delighted to see your dance on here. It is so powerful and I am impressed by the quality of your performance.
    What a moving piece of work Y4.

    Thankyou for your ever thoughtful blog Mr Moore!

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