Friday 19th January

Haiku time again,

That’s poetry from Japan.

Count the syllables.


The beats in the lines,

Should be five, seven then five,

To make it just right.


I asked the children

To make a haiku poem

About animals.


Their work was superb

Well done Guzal and Arman

Absolutely great.


Science was great fun,

Sam the soundman was so good,

He taught us so much.


Vibration and waves,

Air particles and bridges,

And amplifiers.


Plus all about pitch,

And how to make instruments,

From recycled things.

Beautiful maths work

From many children this week

When they drew their graphs


Great presentation

Accurate work with rulers

Data now looks good


Mrs Stott will laugh

At the last verse that I wrote

She will spot a pun.


Lots more laughs this week

When we made string telephones

We learned a lot too.

The best partnership

Was Olaseni and Jess

Brilliant effort


Our values lesson

Was about democracy

We all got our say.


Which flavour is best?

Was the question that I asked.

The vote was taken.


Appalling result

Most children chose prawn cocktail.

Hideous flavor.


Now I have to buy

29 packets of crisps

That I really hate.


On Monday it’s worse.

I’m supposed to eat a pack.

Majority rule.


Learners of the Week:

Sonny and also Stella.

Really wonderful.


Amazing effort

In everything they have done.

I can’t ask for more.


I could say much more

But syllables limit me

They will understand.


I must also thank

Singher and Susan too,

As well as Ramtin


Homework for this week:

An English writing challenge,

Maths sheet on Monday.


I’d better stop now

I can’t help talking like this

Mrs. Moore is cross.


Have a good weekend.

I will see you all next week

Haiku blog is done


Mr. Moore

Friday 12th January

Hello everyone

This term is always one of my favourite times of the school year as it always seems to be the time when children make the most progress, academically, socially and emotionally. This week has of course been packed full of progress.

The children love our class novel, The Firework Maker’s Daughter. Everyone was terrified when we read about Lila’s meeting with the Fire Fiend but it helped us to produce some brilliant Big Writes. I asked the children to write instructions about what to do when you meet the Fire Fiend. Fatimah delighted me with her desire to choose the best vocabulary and by her focus on doing the best that she could. She’s shown what is required in Y4.

Begin your journey by climbing the enormous and monstrous mountain until you’re muscles hurt and you’re bleeding’.

Maths has been a very popular subject this week. We’ve been learning about fractions, a topic that the children had previously found quite difficult to understand. After a couple of lessons many children have now decided that it is actually their favourite aspect of maths.

Thank you to the Friends Association for buying some BBC Microbit computers to help us learn about coding. Microbits are usually used by High Schools, with pupils in Y8 and above, but we don’t worry about a challenge at ACE. After teaching the teachers how to use the Microbits at a staff meeting, I showed my class how to make a program that would display a message using the LEDs on the Microbit. Teachers and children all learned very quickly but I have to tell you that the children were much better behaved. I was really pleased that many of the girls enjoyed their programming lesson. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Evie Rae be so confident and smile so much. Neil Armstrong would not have walked on the moon had it not been for female computer programmers.

Well done to Benjamin and Susan for making incredible progress on Lexia this week. 35 and 34 units respectively are very impressive. Sonny and Liam have also scored a seriously significant amount of units this week.

My Learners of the Week are Hamza and Elyssa. After a long break from school Hamza has come back and shown me why we had missed him so much. He has worked to his full potential, quietly, sensibly and diligently. With every week that goes by Elyssa shows me greater confidence, determination and ability. She is absolutely flourishing.

Homework: spellings, 6x times table focus, a writing task and the equivalent fractions page in the maths homework book.

We’ve been thinking about the value of Thankfulness this week. A video about Nick Vujicic made us realise how lucky we are just to have arms and legs. Every single child wrote about how grateful they were for their families, Ramtin told us that we should be thankful to God for everything that we have been given, and Signher said that she is grateful to Euanson for showing her how to answer a maths problem. He didn’t just tell her the answer, he taught her and helped her to understand. Harley and Fatimah wanted to say thank you to Ariana Grande for being so kind to the people hurt in the Manchester Arena bombings.

I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful class.

Next week will be even better. On Wednesday, Sam the Soundman will be visiting us. He will teach us everything about the science of sound and we will make our own musical instruments. I hope you all have some good headphones / earplugs

Have a great weekend

Mr. Moore

Friday 5th January

Happy New Year everyone!

We’ve made a brilliant start to 2018 in Y4DM. The children have been enthusiastic, hardworking and wonderfully kind. They seem really pleased to be back at ACE, and of course, so am I.

To finish off our topic on the Romans we made a Roman road. It would’ve been fun to make a real one but instead we made a road out of biscuits and icing. Later in the day I asked the children to write instructions in which biscuits were substituted for stones, slabs and gravel, and icing was replaced by cement. Liam, Arman, Susan, Naza, Stella, Abigail, Andrea and very many others did very well with this challenge. Thank you to Leigha for getting so involved in this task and for taking some lovely photos of the children working.

In our Maths lessons we have been using reasoning skills to decide whether we agree with an equation, and we’ve also been learning about factors of numbers. Fatimah was incredibly quick to understand how to find a factor, and I was really pleased that she helped others share her confidence and knowledge.

This week I showed my class how to compose and record music using Garageband, the iPad app. Their challenge was to create a melody using the pentatonic scale, a series of 5 notes that is shared by every culture throughout the world. The children loved the lesson and they are really proud of the music that they have created, and rightly so, but what really pleases me is that the children have been inspired and excited to create something that they want to share with others. By the end of school today some of my class had started a boy-band Garageband band!

Learners of the Week could be anyone and everyone so by choosing Lilly Anna and Ramtin they will know that they have both been incredibly special this week. Every moment spent with them has made me very proud and very happy. Perfect behaviour, wonderful effort and positive attitudes; what more could I wish for?

Homework – English books p.12 + 13 (Articles and Determiners), Maths books p.24 (Factors). Your child has uploaded this week’s spellings to our Google Classroom. Please let me know if you need a paper copy.

Have a good weekend

Mr. Moore

Friday 15th December

Hello everyone

Phew: Church service, Assembly, party, Christingle. I’m ready for a break and I’m sure that my class would agree.

I feel we’ve achieved a lot this term. Attitudes to learning have improved and behaviour is much better. We’ve soaked up quite a bit of knowledge and developed some key skills but I feel that we have only just started. We have so much more to look forward to when the new term begins on January 3rd. Until then, I have sent home mental arithmetic and grammar tests for homework, and I will be setting assignments on Reading Eggspress and Sumdog throughout the holiday. Please don’t worry if your children find the tasks quite difficult. Let then do what they can and let me help with the rest.

The Christmas Learner of the Week is Harley. Despite being in frequent pain after dental surgery, she has been incredibly keen to be back in class. We have all missed her wonderful imagination, her spark and her great sense of humour.

Have a very happy and restful Christmas everyone.

Mr. Moore

Friday 8th December

Hi everyone
Year 4 made a whole bunch of new friends on Thursday when we met with children and teachers from Brodetsky. We shared what we had learned about light in science and RE, and we gave them gifts of jars decorated with messages and lit with and LED bulb. Thank you to Miss Bell for helping our children to create a beautiful dance sequence. The Brodetsky pupils thoroughly entertained us by telling us about Chanukah, through singing, acting and showing us a very funny video. Mr. Ackerman (the leader of the Interfaith Project) sent me an email later saying, “Thank you for a soul uplifting afternoon. Afternoons like today’s make the world look a much happier place.”

Please come to our Class Assembly on Wednesday morning to see the work that we shared and some children that make me very proud.

We have been preparing for our KS2 Christmas church service by writing about the birth of Jesus from the viewpoint of the wise men. It is always one of my favourite Big Writes of the year, and today’s work was once again both brilliant and very moving. Abigail, Singher, Sonny, Liam, Fatimah, Andrea, Guzal, Benjamin, Naza, Stella, Arman and Susan gave all that they could when writing their recounts.
‘”Myrrh for when he sacrifices himself”. His voice faltered while he was speaking. His friends helped him back up to his feet.’ – Susan

So many stars have shone this week. Although he has been unwell, Deacon has had a great week of brilliant behaviour and exceptional effort.  Liam and Euanson have both impressed me with their reasoning in maths, and Sonny has amazed with his outstanding art skills, Benjamin and Jessica have continued to work hard with never any fuss, and Leigha is showing even greater focus than ever. Olaseni has also reminded me of what a wonderful pupil he can be.

I have chosen Ramtin and Lubaya as Learner’s of the Week. Ramtin is consistently making good choices about behaviour. He has shown great strength through self-control, gentleness and politeness. Miss Judge is very good at noticing when children having a positive impact on the school community, and she has told me several times how impressed she is with this young man. Lubaya deserves recognition for having such a brilliant attitude and for trying so hard in all subjects. Like Ramtin, she is showing great strength. Lubaya has become unafraid of difficult challenges, she has a positive mindset, and she is making the most of our brief time together in Y4. When Miss Bell looked at her beautiful work in RE this week, she told me that she wished that Lubaya was in her class instead of mine.

Homework for this weekend is a writing challenge initially. The children may complete any or all parts of it. They may answer comprehension questions, design, draw, and label a composite creature from their imagination, ‘up-level’ a sentence, or finish the story.  Maths homework is to take part in a ‘Girls versus Boys’ Sumdog times table challenge.

Have a good weekend

Mr. Moore

Friday 1st December

Hi everyone,

This week I have been smiling more than usual, and not just because we’re getting closer to Christmas. There has been more proof than ever that I have a brilliant class who are really interested in learning.

Lilly Anna and Lubaya have been full of confidence this week and have been making good progress in making maths a ‘friendlier’ subject. Arman amazed me with his homework where he explained how to use chunking to solve division problems, and almost everyone in the class is becoming faster when completing times table grids. Ramtin has made me very proud by being so kind and helpful in so many ways this week. Mrs. Whiteley came to see me on Thursday just to tell me how much he impressed her when he attended a School Council meeting. He went out of his way to make sure that a younger child felt confident and understood what they had to do. She might not know it but Evie Rae has taken some important steps this forward week. She has stood up to my terrible teasing several times and it has really pleased me to see her stand up for herself. Liam and Euanson have also had a really good week but they may also be unaware of how much I have appreciated their efforts and contributions. They might not have noticed how much support and help they have given to the class by explaining their thinking, and describing how to solve problems in maths lessons. I have noticed, and I am grateful. This week has also been a good week for Guzal and Leigha who have shown a great improvement in focus and work rate.

Out of 62 classes who entered the recent Leeds Sumdog contest, 4DM came 4th. This pleased me but what absolutely thrilled me is that Naza was placed 39th out of 715 students. She correctly answered 909 questions out of 1000 questions at an average speed of 4 seconds. Wow! This was a superb performance and I hope that she is sharing her good news with as many people as possible. Congratulations Naza! My class managed to answer 16778 questions during the competition. Eleven children answered 1000 questions each. I think my brain might pop if I tried to do that.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend the Rewind to Christmas event at Moortown Baptist Church. Y4DM met children from other schools, learned about the story of the birth of Jesus, and made some beautiful candleholders using clay. Thank you to Mr. Sherbourne for taking some superb pictures to show me the wonderful things that I missed, and thanks to Mrs. Bentley and Mr. Quirk for looking after my class.

During Gold Book Assembly today we celebrated the progress of Stella, Susan and Rhys. Rhys was chosen for being such a terrific influence and example to the other boys in my class. He is full of energy and enthusiasm, but also calm, polite, thoughtful and always kind. Susan’s work is always brilliant. She puts in maximum effort whatever the subject. Her concentration is excellent and she takes great pride in the presentation of her work. I chose Stella for her constantly positive attitude and of course for the extremely high standard of all her work. When given a difficult challenge, Stella simply smiles, gets on with the task, and almost always succeeds.

I made the choice of Learners of the Week of the week easy. I decided to think about which pupils never complain and just keep going. If Elvis Husky and I ever try to cross Antarctica, I would want Elyssa and Ronnie with us every step of the way. They would never give up whatever the problem. We would get there. I have no doubt. Patience, gentleness, determination and resilience are qualities that they have in abundance.

Homework: English – spellings and CGP books (pronouns). Maths – p.50 (clocks). Another 50 word writing challenge will be set on Monday.

We’ll be meeting with children from Brodetsky Primary School next Thursday as part of the Inter Faith project. We plan to share with them some of what we have learned about light through dance, art, music, science and RE.   I am certain that the children from Brodetsky will be delighted by what they will see and hear, and by the new friends that they will meet.

Have a great weekend, and to your children; be safe, be well, be good, and please be here on Monday.

Mr. Moore

Friday 24th November

Hi everyone

Fatimah’s energy and organisational skills have been really helpful during an incredibly busy week. I think she may have got the job of my PA. As well as the usual unusual lessons, we have been trying to get through a flurry of tests in reading, maths and spelling, punctuation and grammar. Thank you to Mrs. Bentley who helped us all to get through it all with minimal stress and maximum confidence.

The Monday science challenge was completed successfully by nearly everyone. The mission was to build a fan. The children wired up a motor and made fan blades from cardboard.

Fan by Stella and Susan

Sonny has had a brilliant week again. His writing using fronted adverbials and his Lego animation with Euanson were two amongst many of his successes over the past few days. Guzal’s attitude to learning has also really pleased me. She has been really focused on trying to get all tasks completed on time and to the best of her ability. I must also mention how much respect I have for Ronnie. I am so proud of how hard he tries every single day to do his very best. He has coped incredibly well with some very difficult challenges and changes, and he has not complained for a single moment. Other things that have really made me smile this week were some of Singher, Susan and Ramtin’s posts to our Google Classroom. They have uploaded lots of good work and they made helpful and witty but respectful comments. School definitely doesn’t finish at 3:10pm for them.

As you can understand, the decision has been really difficult, but I’ve chosen Lilly Anna and Euanson to be the Learners of the Week. Lilly seems so much happier and her self-belief is growing day by day. Her handwriting is looking better than ever and she is more confident that she can succeed in maths lessons. Euanson is a maths magician. Tonight he is in first place on the Leeds Sumdog contest leaderboard. He has also impressed me in other subjects by showing great knowledge and keenness to do even better.

Homework: please ask your child to show me how to use divide using either repeated subtraction or addition, grouping or chunking. I would also like the pages on verbs and adverbs in the English books to be completed by Thursday at the latest. The 50 word challenge is to write about what sort of emperor they would be and what they would do. Don’t forget the Leeds Sumdog contest. So far 7 out of the top 10 students on the leaderboard are in 4DM.

Busy again next week. On Monday some children will be representing the school in a cross-country running event. I’m so glad that I wasn’t chosen. We will be visiting Moortown Baptist church on Wednesday afternoon for the Rewind to Christmas celebration. We’ll also be preparing for our meeting with children from Brodetsky and practising our class assembly performance, as well as fitting in all the usual unusual lessons.

Have a good weekend.

Mr. Moore

Hi everyone

The science challenge for this week was to make a torch. Deacon was hugely enthusiastic and continually tried to improve his model. Susan and Stella made a beautifully designed lamp, which included a handle.

Olaseni shared his superb homework with as many teachers as we could find today. Miss Willis, Miss Noble, Miss Bell, Mr. Spink, Mrs. Bentley and Mrs. Johnston were all totally charmed by his recipe for a life full of love. Olaseni combined all the right ingredients (kindness, family, prayer and laughter) to create a magnificent menu.

Homework for this week: p80 and 81 in the English books (ly spelling) and division worksheets. The focus for the Sumdog challenge for this weekend is also division facts.

My choices for Learner of the Week are Andrea and Rayhan. Rayhan has had a faultless week. He has worked hard in every lesson and his attitude has been brilliant. Andrea has been chosen for similar reasons; perfect behaviour and 100% effort, but these are attributes that she displays in abundance every day. How she has been exceptional is by showing the confidence to challenge and argue with me when she knows that she is right. Rayhan = a gentleman. Andrea = a strong young lady.

This week we composed a letter to our class governor. Everyone wrote about what it is like to be in Y4DM. Here’s a sneak preview of what Mr. Dyal will read. Evie Rae wanted him to know that in Y4DM we are all friends and we are all kind to each other. Benjamin would like to know how old he is, and what his favourite topic would be. Euanson decided to confess to Mr Dyal to know that he rates his learning attitude as 6 out of 10 but I think he deserves at least an 8. Stella wrote that she is getting smarter and cleverer everyday, Elyssa wants Mr. Dyal to know what a great mum she has, and Harley would like him to know that if you use more than 2 wires in a circuit then the bulb will fade.

Lubaya wrote that to be in Mr.Moore’s class is a gift and makes us special in a way.

For once, I am finally lost for words.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

Friday 10th November

Peace is something that we always need more of.  As Remembrance Day approaches, we have looked at the significance of the poppy.  We made poppies from torn paper and we read the poem In Flanders Fields.  Some children used green screen filming to record themselves reading the poem in front of a field of poppies.

Arman was a super scientist when we were learning about conductors and insulators.  He went all around the classroom testing to see which materials allowed electricity to travel through his circuit.  Leigha has worked really hard in all lessons this week.  I’m really pleased to see her trying so hard to concentrate and to focus on work.  Mrs. Walker tells me that Kyron and his mum baked some delicious scones with her this week during her cooking class.  I wasn’t surprised at all.  Kyron follows instructions carefully and can be relied on to give 100% effort in every situation but I’ll need to make sure that he pronounces ‘scones’ using the correct Yorkshire accent.

Thank you to Susan and Benjamin for the extra homework that they submitted to Google Classroom this week.  Today, each child has taken home an exercise book that is to be used for writing challenges, spellings and maths worksheets.  Homework from CGP workbooks will be given next week. 21 out of 30 children achieved full marks in the spelling test. In fact, only 20 words were written incorrectly.  Thank you parents and children for all your efforts.

I also want to thank Elyssa’s mum for reminding me that those children who completed the egg challenge need an eggstra special reward.  We agreed on hot chocolate in the café at breaktime.  Only a few eggs survived but I am sure that 4DM learned a lot about how hard it is to be responsible for something so delicate and important.  It’s a lesson that I get to learn every day.

I’ve chosen Evie Rae to be our Learner of the Week. She always listens carefully and she tries her very best with all work. Her wonderfully kind, gentle and friendly attitude never falters. My other choice is Naza. Her attitude to learning is also faultless and her behaviour is perfect. The effort that Naza puts into her work is never less than 100% and the progress that she has made in maths lessons this week is remarkable. Her confidence grows with every new day.

Please remind your children to wear odd socks on Monday in support of Anti-Bullying week. On Friday we will be wearing spots for Children in Need.  It will also be Take Over Day.  I don’t know whether to be frightened or excited.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

PS: Love, thoughts and prayers to Jess and family.

Friday 3rd November

Hi everyone.
Miss Judge, our Science coordinator, will need a lie down for a while when she finds out how much Science we have done this week. Not only have we made electrical circuits, we have made switches and also recorded our work as a circuit diagram. Lilly Anna, Olaseni and Jessica were a very sparky team and worked brilliantly. Next week we will investigate which materials conduct electricity. I’m sure that the children will be very shocked (but not electrically) by what they will discover.

Y4DM received a letter from the mother of a Roman soldier who was worried about her son being stationed at Hadrian’s Wall. They examined the letter closely in order to learn about the features of informal letters, and then they answered comprehension questions about the content and layout. Today, the children pretended to be Marcus (the Roman soldier), and they wrote replies to their mum. The tremendous effort made by Giselle, Elyssa, Deacon and Jessica really impressed me, as did the content of the work produced by Susan, Evie, Singher, Stella, Harley, Euanson, Olaseni and Liam.

Over the next couple of weeks our focus in Maths No Problem lessons will be multiplication and division. Although many children still need to learn to have quicker recall of times table facts, I think that many are ready for the greater challenge of multiplying 2 or 3 digit numbers. As usual, Mrs. Bentley has been working her maths magic this week, and trying her best to make sure that no pupil falls behind. Her dedication, and her determination to give every child she teaches a better chance in life inspires me.

I find it amazing how quickly my class learn computing skills. It took 10 or 15 minutes to teach them how to make their own films using iMovie. They combined photos, voice recording, titles and transitions to create short documentaries about the life of Julius Caesar. Today some children also made films to commemorate Bonfire Night.

The Romans traded many different types of goods across their empire. We combined history with geography to identify which countries exported different commodities to Rome. Jessica, Andrea, Rayhan, Hamza and many others demonstrated great map reading skills, and gained a great deal of knowledge.

I have chosen Jessica and Liam as our Learners of the Week. Liam is a very able mathematician and he has shown that he can also achieve excellent standards in reading and writing. His concentration and effort has been very strong this week. Jessica has also made great progress on her learning journey. My heart is full of pride to see her being so determined and working so hard. Other things to celebrate this week are Sonny’s joined writing, Evie’s bravery with tricky times tables, Naza’s brilliant focus and effort in every lesson, Hamza and Kyron’s amazing work rate, Abigail and Elyssa’s Google Classroom skills, Lubaya, Arman and Fatimah’s wonderfully positive attitude, and Ramtin’s kindness in making sure that Ronnie, our newest recruit, felt like one of the pack from his first moment at ACE.

Homework for this week includes a spelling focus on the prefixes super, sub and inter (p74 of the English books). Maths homework is addition and subtraction (p. 18 and 19), plus 11 and 12x table facts. The writing task is a 50 word challenge on the topic of how to have a happy Bonfire Night.

My class have learned that St. Paul was right. Love is patient and love is kind. Sadly, some failed to prove that love always protects. I gave each child in my class an egg to look after, with the instruction that St. Paul gave to the Corinthians. Some eggs were cracked and scrambled within minutes but others have been well loved, and are still intact. Only one more week to survive and we will see who has shown the most love. I eggspect it will be difficult, but love always hopes.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore