Friday 13th October

Hello everyone.

Our week began with a lesson that I hope that the children have told you about already. Everyone held an ice cube in his or her hands, causing it to melt into water. We collected the droplets and poured them into a saucepan. After creating a bonfire in the fire pit, we boiled the water, causing it to evaporate. The best part of the lesson was when I put out the fire with a bucket of water and children were completely engulfed by a massive cloud of steam. Screams of excitement and laughter followed, and then a lovely moment when the children waved and shouted goodbye to their cloud as it went off to join its friends, and to continue the water cycle. To finish off our science studies for this half term, we wrote a story in which they imagined themselves to be a water droplet.

I’m disappointed to have to report that 6SK beat us in the national Sumdog challenge. 4074 classes entered. We came 158th but Mr. Kay’s class claimed 130th position. Thank you to everyone who answered over 1000 questions this week, and for making Y6 work so hard to retain top dog status. I have to say how pleased I am with Stella. 47,670 students entered the competition, and she was placed 924th, answering 904 questions correctly at an average speed of 2.9 seconds. Wow!

Maths No Problem lessons have been very successful for many children this week. We’ve been learning to use a range of methods to add to 10,000. Today was a major turning point for Abigail.  She took a brave step into the Learning Pit and decided to trust me to help her find her way out.  As we worked together, I watched her confidence grow enormously, as she realised that she was learning and really understanding.  I have never seen her so happy and at that moment I knew that we are going to see major progress and lots more smiles from Abigail this year.

This week has been really important for Jessica. Twice this week I have had to talk to Mrs. Stott to tell her how proud I am of JJ’s attitude and effort. Sonny has shone very brightly this week. He is doing everything possible to meet the expectations that I have for him. Fatimah, Benjamin, Rhys, Lilly-Anna, Lubaya, Elyssa, Deacon and Naza have also shown that they know that this year could be a special one.  In fact, at least XXIV of my pupils could put forward a strong argument about why they should be selected but I have to narrow it down somehow. Stella and Sonny.  Stella has delighted me with every piece of work that she has produced.  Her effort and creativity is faultless, and those are qualities that I value highly. Sonny has worked very hard to meet my expectations.  He has shown great intelligence, enormous potential, tremendous self-discipline and politeness.

The week came to a close with Gold Book. My choices were Singher, Olaseni and Hamza.   Singher has set a standard with effort, attitude and achievement that will be hard to match this year. Everyone in Y4 should look to her as an example of how to be the best. Olaseni has made a tremendous effort to show that he really belongs in year 4 DM. He has amazed me with his intelligence and his incredible memory but his determination to behave brilliantly impresses me more than anything. Hamza has made a constant effort to go beyond what is required. He has been incredibly keen to give more than is needed, and to try harder than is expected.

Homework for this week: question marks and exclamation marks in English books, and Roman numerals in the Maths books.

As today is Friday 13th we thought about superstitions from around the world. The real lesson was that we make our own luck most of the time. So I’m going to prove it by walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror, and cutting my nails at night and chewing gum after dark.

Have a great weekend, and I hope to see you on Wednesday or Thursday Parents’ Consultation Meetings.

Mr. Moore

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