Friday 18th December

Ahoy Year 4

I hope you all enjoyed our last week of term. I know I did.

Our Roman Circus was a great success. I was entertained by gladiator fights and chariot racing whilst the citizens ate bread and drank wine (actually blackcurrant juice).


All the gladiators fought bravely but the wild animals still needed to be fed.


With the help of Simrath, Alina and Laila we managed to get all the Christmas cards finished and the homework ready for the holiday. They did a great job of being my assistants and I’d still be tidying the classroom on Christmas Day if they hadn’t helped so much.

I was very proud of the children who read in the Christingle Service today. I think you read brilliantly. Special thanks to Subhaan, Zain and Alex who wrote such a fabulous prayer.

Dear God,
Thank you for Christmas,
Thank you for family and friends and all the gifts that you provide for us.
Especially for the greatest gift of all, Jesus the light of the world who shines in every dark corner.

Great work guys!

Next term we will be invaded by the Vikings so find out some information before they arrive. Please also work on learning your times tables and have a go at the ‘impossible’ Christmas homework. I will be amazed if anyone gets all the answers right!

Don’t forget that Google Classroom will still be open over the holidays. It’s never too late to upload some homework!

Have a great Christmas.

Mr Moore


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