Friday 27th November

Hi Year 4

I hope you know how much you are all impressing me. Every single person in the class has made me smile this week for one reason or another. I am ready for Monday already and can’t wait to see you all again.

The Stars of the Week are Briony and Domantas. Miss Linsley, Mrs Carter and myself have all been really pleased with how hard Briony has worked in English and Maths. As a result of her efforts, she has made very pleasing progress recently. Mrs Carter has also been telling me how proud she is of Domantas’ attitude in Maths lessons. He is really keen and focused, so just like Briony, this has meant he is making rapid progress. Domantas understands exactly I want from him: kindness, manners and hard work. He is setting an example which is making me very proud.

We had a lot of fun in Science this week when we were making circuits with bulbs, batteries and wires. Well done to those children who managed to make their own switches. Next week you’ll have to create a fan using the motors. We’ll have a competition to see which one is the strongest. How will we test them?

I’ve been really pleased with how much interest everyone has shown in the music of Einaudi. It would be great if someone could learn how to play ‘Night’ better than I can. Don’t forget to appreciate how beautiful it looks as well as how gorgeous it sounds. Here’s the link  –

We thought about the word ‘Peace’ in our Values lesson this week. We explored the work of Nadia Russ, a NeoPopRealist artist who has used her fame to call for world peace. Rose worked incredibly hard to produce a fantastic version of Nadia Russ’ ink drawing.


Some children have made a terrific effort with homework recently. Keshaun has produced some work that everyone should see. A lot of time must have been spent to produce such beautifully presented work. I hope everyone can try to work this hard.

IMG_0279 (1)

Extra homework for this weekend – work on learning times tables facts. You’ll need to be faster and more accurate when we carry on learning about division in our Maths lessons. Can you tell and show someone how to do the ‘bus stop’ method?

Uh oh, I nearly forgot – it’s our Assembly next week. Please invite your families to come and hear how clever you are and how much you are all appreciated.

Have a great weekend

Be good, be safe and be here on Monday

Mr Moore


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