Friday 23rd February

Hi everyone.

Spring term 2 has started well. The children seem to be very happy to be back and they have all been working hard.

Everyone has been successful in maths lessons this week and lots of progress has been made in learning how to calculate the area of different shapes using centimetre squares. I am also pleased to report that Euanson and Ramtin scored maximum marks of 15 out of 15 in the mental arithmetic test today.

I used a picture of a Viking warrior as the stimulus for our Big Write this week. It caused excitement, fascination, horror and enthusiasm for writing.

‘An ominous atmosphere is around the callous Viking who has just killed an innocent fisherman; the blood pervades through the dark seashore.’ – Sonny

Our value for this week and next is self-control. Mrs. Potter put my self-control to the test today. She gave me a doughnut but instructed me not to eat it until the end of the day. She also insisted that I should not lick my lips when I did finally eat it. I managed to wait until 4pm but I have to admit that I failed on the second challenge. I will put my class to the test next week.

Evie Rae really impressed me with her programming skills this week. We started to create a racing game using Scratch and Evie showed more confidence and skill than anyone. I think she likes coding because of the creative opportunities but it is also a great way to develop logical thinking and reasoning. Jessica, Fatimah, Ramtin and many others have amazed me with computing skills. Because the children learn so quickly, I sometimes fail to give them the credit that they deserve. To be able to move effortlessly between platforms (iPads, PCs and Chromebooks), and to create and upload documents easily at the age of 8 or 9 is simply incredible.

Learners of the Week are Arman and Guzal. Both of them have been listening really carefully and concentrating hard on their tasks. Their focus and determination has been good, and their constantly positive attitudes make the classroom a happier place, and they make me very proud.

Well done to Abigail, Ronnie, Jessica, Andrea, Benjamin, Rhys and Xavier for gaining lots of units on Lexia this week, and thanks to Naza, Ramtin and Lubaya for using Sumdog during the holiday.

Homework: Maths (Area), English (Homophones). New spellings were uploaded to Google classroom today, and a printed copy will be provided on Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

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