Friday 26th February

This week has passed us by faster than Amir can sprint, and believe me, that is very fast indeed. Amir has made us very proud this week by being picked to represent the school in football and hockey matches for Year 5 and 6.
I have taught two professional footballers so far in my career; it’s about time another came along. Micah Richards and Emile Sinclair would be pleased to see Amir following in their footsteps. They would tell you that it is easier than you think to achieve your dreams: believe, listen to people that care and work harder than anyone else.

The students from Leeds Beckett University visited us on Wednesday and worked with some of the class to rehearse and film plays about some heroes of World War 1. I was especially pleased by Nishta and Caitlyn who volunteered to play roles that no one else wanted to take.

Perhaps the most important lesson for this week was taught by Mrs Carter and Miss Nicholson. Year 4 have been looking at how to be safe online and how to make sure we know what to do when we are upset by something. I was really encouraged to hear that my pupils have really understood all that I have taught them this year about e-safety. Using Google Classroom has been a really useful way of learning the skills we need to make sure that we have a positive and safe presence on the internet.

I am very pleased to report that this week Domantas achieved double figures in his mental arithmetic test and Ismail scored 14 out of 15. Remember, that if you can get at least 10 right answers, it is very likely that you will achieve your Maths targets when you are in Year 6. At least half of the class are on track already, though we’re only halfway through the year. Watch out Alex! Keep tight hold of your King of Calculations / Pharaoh of fractions / Master of Maths / Emperor of Equations crown – someone might try to grab it sooner than you think.

This week we finished reading the story of Beowulf. All of the Guided Reading sessions were really positive and productive. Almost everyone showed that they have made amazing progress and they are hungry for even more success. Hadya, Caitlyn, Domantas deserve a special mention for their effort and determination, but I was very pleased by the level of fluency and understanding shown by everyone.

We looked at how to use apostrophes (again) this week, and it became clear that this is an area that we still need to work on.

After finishing the story of Beowulf I asked the children to answer comprehension questions as though were they were the great warrior. I was amazed with how well they answered. Their responses showed excellent understanding of the story and the feelings of the central character. It also gave the children a chance to show off their descriptive writing skills. I really enjoyed marking Alex’s, Stella’s, Aleah’s, Zain’s, Nishta’s, Laaibah’s and Jack’s work even though I’ll probably have nightmares about Grendel thanks to their powerful descriptive writing. Subhaan, Laila, Alina, Briony and Rose also had great ideas to share.

Star of the Week has been a difficult choice. Zain has reached 100 dojos, Jak has been showing what a great big brother he can be to all of us (say hi and welcome to the world to Owen by the way Jak) and Malakhi has been working hard to show us how a true gentleman behaves. I have decide that Ayush should be our Star of the Week. He is working to the best of his ability in all subjects and his attitude to learning is brilliant. Ayush always prepares properly for his spelling test and he always does his homework.

“..then I stabbed him in the heart but it seemed like he hard a charm which made his skin as hard as stone.” From Ayush’s description of his fight with Grendel.

Grammar homework for this week – page 56, its or it’s?

Fair Trade Fortnight begins on Monday, some children are visiting the University on Tuesday, and on Wednesday a lady from the Blah Blah Blah Theatre Company will be coming to work with both Year 4 classes on a drama project about the Vikings. Our Maths focus will be ‘reading and measuring time’. There is a lot to look forward to so …

Be safe, be good and please be here on Monday.
Mr Moore

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