Friday 30th September

Hi everyone

I didn’t start the week well – literally. Being poorly was a lot less fun than coming to school. While I was busy being ill, my class was making a terrific impression on the supply teacher. When I spoke to him on Tuesday, he told me that the class was wonderful. They really enjoyed learning about Romulus and Remus, and they worked hard to do their best in their mental arithmetic tests. He also commented on how musical they are. Basically, he told me what I knew already; I should be thankful every day that I teach a lovely and talented group of children.

Many children displayed some of their other talents this week. They were absolutely brilliant in our drama session on Thursday. We pretended that we were a tribe that was about to be attacked by the Romans. The children entered into the roleplay with imagination and absolute passion. They gained so much knowledge and felt some of the emotions of people threatened by war. This will lead to some very powerful writing next week when we meet Queen Boudicca and decide if we will fight the Romans or become slaves. I think I know what will happen. When I asked the children if they were with me, they nearly blew the roof off the school with their reaction.


As well as being a fantastic ‘tribe’, many individuals have also impressed me this week. Aisha achieved the most dojo points. Every time I looked in her direction, she was always on task and trying her best. I’m also glad that I’m getting to know Karam a bit more. He showed me that he is really good at listening to advice about how to make his work even better. Camron and Faizan made very pleasing progress with Lexia, but it was Shakirah who gained the most units this week. For this reason and many others (politeness, effort, attitude and growing confidence), I have chosen her to be Learner of the Week. My other choice is Isaac. I have mentioned his qualities before but he just keeps making a great impression on me. Every piece of work he produces is of such a very high standard. He reminds us all that we need to keep learning and being challenged to do better.

I would also like to mention how proud I am with my class for making promises in Assembly on Wednesday, when they committed themselves to doing something about poverty, illness, bullying, war and animal cruelty. By aiming to achieve the Archbishop of York’s Young Leaders Award we will edge closer towards the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

Homework for this week should keep us busy and clever. Page 10 from the Maths book will help your child consolidate the concepts that we have looked at in this week’s maths lessons. Your child should be able to order numbers with at least 4 digits and also recognise the greater than and less than signs. Please complete page on verbs from the English books. I have also sent out spellings for next week and your child should have an Olympic Maths times tables sheet to finish and return. Just let me know if your child would like extra help with homework in school. I know it can be difficult sometimes to make time for everything.

Mr Moore

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