Friday 4th November

Hi Year 4

I have chosen Aaditiya and Olivia to be the Learners of the Week. Aaditiya always works hard but his contribution to Maths lessons helps to make our new scheme absolutely ‘No Problem’. The standard of his work and his understanding of number and calculation is superb. Lots of children are benefitting from his great example and also his brilliant ability to explain concepts and methods to others. He’s not only a great pupil he’s a great teacher too!

Olivia has impressed me with her effort and attitude for quite a while but this week she has made a huge attempt to be even more serious about doing her best. She has tried really hard to avoid distraction and has constantly shown that she was to make progress. Olivia must have also impressed her classmates because an overwhelming majority of them voted for her this week to be our new school council representative.

I was absolutely delighted by the attitude of my class this week when we were discussing why we celebrate Black History Month. They were shocked and genuinely outraged to find out that discrimination and segregation on the basis of colour was lawful in the recent past. When I told them about the apartheid system they were utterly horrified. Knowing that my pupils would never tolerate such injustice fills me with pride and hope for the future.

Other highlights of the week have been Keagan’s joy at finding how much base 10 equipment could help him with his maths work, Maisie’s wonderfully detailed answers to comprehension questions and the perfect behaviour of the whole class when we visited Allerton High for our fortnightly programming lesson. Another great moment this week was when Aliyah came to tell me that she needed me to help her to get through a particularly difficult activity on Lexia. To see her so determined to get out of the ‘learning pit’ really pleased me. Ibran must have been working on developing his learning skills during the holiday because he has returned with greatly increased focus and determination to succeed. Well done also to Shams for completing and posting so much good quality homework on our Google Classroom during the break. Ashley finished the week brilliantly with a firework poem that told me what I should expect tonight. “The sky turned from a pitch black room to a disco party”.

As I’ve said before, I could say something really positive about every child single in my class but this week I feel it more than ever.

Year 4 DM should stand up and take bow.

Be safe, be good and be here on Monday.

Mr Moore

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