Friday 8th January

Hi everyone
Welcome back to school and Happy New Year. We have had a lovely start to 2016.

On Monday we finished our work on circuits and electricity by looking at which materials are conductors and which are insulators. Many children predicted correctly that wood and plastic would not allow the electricity to pass through but they were surprised to discover that the graphite in a pencil is a conductor. Once again, I was impressed with how well some children work as a team in Y4, especially Simrath, Nishta and Caitlyn, and Rose, Laaibah and Hadya.

Everyone has been brilliant in this week’s Maths lessons in one way or another. In our problem solving session on Monday I was really pleased with how quickly the children were able to use reasoning skills to work out more than one piece of information from a single clue. I have also noticed that many children have been working extremely hard over Christmas to learn times tables facts. Well done to Laila, Hadya and Laaibah. Mrs Carter was delighted by how keen Y4 were when she taught them to play the place value game. The children learned the rules easily, began to use strategy quickly and were ferociously competitive. Please play this game at home and see how quickly your family fall out with you.

My target of 100 eggs to be earned on Reading Eggpress has been met by most children in the class. I’m going to have to double it; next week I expect a minimum of 200 eggs – after all, Zain and Alex managed to acquire 1000 in a single week. Make sure you put the same effort into Mathletics at home as well as at school. I shall be awarding dojos and house points on Monday to those children who reach their weekly quota.

We started our new History topic this week when we learned about what happened when the Romans left Britain. Please tell your parents and families about where the Scotti, the Angles and the Saxons came from.

Rose was once again outstanding in our Spanish lesson with Mrs Howard. She is always really keen to learn and she picks up new words incredibly quickly. Rose already speaks three languages fluently and is well on her way to learning her fourth. Wow! I’m so jealous.

My choices for Stars of the Week are Zain and Simrath. I could honestly choose them every week and I’m sure that no one would disagree. They always behave well, they always want to learn, they always try their best and they are always helpful. Zain and Simrath are a superb example to everyone.

Don’t forget to get started on the new homework grid tasks as you’ll be even busier in a couple of weeks when the Maths, comprehension and grammar homework books will be ready to be given out.

Have a great weekend

Be good, be safe and be here on Monday

Mr Moore

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