Friday 13th October

Hello everyone.

Our week began with a lesson that I hope that the children have told you about already. Everyone held an ice cube in his or her hands, causing it to melt into water. We collected the droplets and poured them into a saucepan. After creating a bonfire in the fire pit, we boiled the water, causing it to evaporate. The best part of the lesson was when I put out the fire with a bucket of water and children were completely engulfed by a massive cloud of steam. Screams of excitement and laughter followed, and then a lovely moment when the children waved and shouted goodbye to their cloud as it went off to join its friends, and to continue the water cycle. To finish off our science studies for this half term, we wrote a story in which they imagined themselves to be a water droplet.

I’m disappointed to have to report that 6SK beat us in the national Sumdog challenge. 4074 classes entered. We came 158th but Mr. Kay’s class claimed 130th position. Thank you to everyone who answered over 1000 questions this week, and for making Y6 work so hard to retain top dog status. I have to say how pleased I am with Stella. 47,670 students entered the competition, and she was placed 924th, answering 904 questions correctly at an average speed of 2.9 seconds. Wow!

Maths No Problem lessons have been very successful for many children this week. We’ve been learning to use a range of methods to add to 10,000. Today was a major turning point for Abigail.  She took a brave step into the Learning Pit and decided to trust me to help her find her way out.  As we worked together, I watched her confidence grow enormously, as she realised that she was learning and really understanding.  I have never seen her so happy and at that moment I knew that we are going to see major progress and lots more smiles from Abigail this year.

This week has been really important for Jessica. Twice this week I have had to talk to Mrs. Stott to tell her how proud I am of JJ’s attitude and effort. Sonny has shone very brightly this week. He is doing everything possible to meet the expectations that I have for him. Fatimah, Benjamin, Rhys, Lilly-Anna, Lubaya, Elyssa, Deacon and Naza have also shown that they know that this year could be a special one.  In fact, at least XXIV of my pupils could put forward a strong argument about why they should be selected but I have to narrow it down somehow. Stella and Sonny.  Stella has delighted me with every piece of work that she has produced.  Her effort and creativity is faultless, and those are qualities that I value highly. Sonny has worked very hard to meet my expectations.  He has shown great intelligence, enormous potential, tremendous self-discipline and politeness.

The week came to a close with Gold Book. My choices were Singher, Olaseni and Hamza.   Singher has set a standard with effort, attitude and achievement that will be hard to match this year. Everyone in Y4 should look to her as an example of how to be the best. Olaseni has made a tremendous effort to show that he really belongs in year 4 DM. He has amazed me with his intelligence and his incredible memory but his determination to behave brilliantly impresses me more than anything. Hamza has made a constant effort to go beyond what is required. He has been incredibly keen to give more than is needed, and to try harder than is expected.

Homework for this week: question marks and exclamation marks in English books, and Roman numerals in the Maths books.

As today is Friday 13th we thought about superstitions from around the world. The real lesson was that we make our own luck most of the time. So I’m going to prove it by walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror, and cutting my nails at night and chewing gum after dark.

Have a great weekend, and I hope to see you on Wednesday or Thursday Parents’ Consultation Meetings.

Mr. Moore

Friday 6th October

Hi everyone

Decades of ancient British history have been learned this week in Y4. My pupils have soaked up knowledge and facts like a sponge absorbs water. We have found out about Roman gods and goddesses, we’ve learned about the different tribes that made up Britain, and we’ve discovered that a warrior queen named Boudicca led a rebellion that almost brought freedom from Rome.

Maths No Problem focus has been rounding and addition.  I am really pleased with how much progress we have made this week.  Being able to round to 10, 100 and 1000 is incredibly helpful when you are trying to solve addition and subtraction problems (our maths focus for next week).

Learners of the Week are Giselle and Rhys. They have shown that they can ignore distraction and focus on learning and making progress in every lesson.  Giselle’s self discipline, her attitude and her effort has been utterly faultless, and Rhys has been a perfect example of how a young man should behave in Y4. Credit should be given to Deacon,Sonny, Olaseni, Naza, Stella, Andrea, Jessica and many other children who are providing fierce competition.  I also want to say how pleased I am with Hamza. He has taken every opportunity possible to continue learning at home through his extra contributions to our Google classroom.

I’m looking forward to a tasty week ahead. We’ll be investigating the melting point of chocolate, plus it’s International Café on Thursday.  Please contribute if you can.  I have a bigger appetite than you might think.

Homework – English books p.36 and 37 (capital letters and full stops), and page 12 of the Maths book (rounding).

3914 classes have entered the national Sumdog contest so I suppose that to be in 359th place after day one isn’t too bad. The thing that bothers me is that Mr. Kay’s class is ahead of us. Please encourage your child to spend some time on Sumdog this weekend. We need to show Y6 who the real top dogs are at ACE.

Have a great weekend everyone, and to my class; be safe, be good and be here on Monday.

Mr. Moore




Friday 29th September

Hi everyone.

Today I taught a PE lesson for the first time in ages, and despite the fact that I’m aching already and definitely won’t be able to walk tomorrow, it was completely worthwhile. Miss Bell usually teaches my class PE, but as she was busy with Assembly this week, the children missed a lesson. So this afternoon I taught my pupils some futsal skills and I was absolutely delighted by their enthusiastic response. Well done to Lubaya, Lilly Anna, Andrea, Stella, Susan, Singher, Benjamin, Xavier, Harley and Sonny for working so hard. Future England stars? Why not?  Micah would tell that agree that dreams can come true for children at ACE.

It has also been a great day for writing in 4DM. After watching carefully edited scenes of the Roman army in battle, the children wrote recounts of as though they were the legionaries involved in the fight. Some of their work is very powerful.

At the crack of dawn I waited for the archers, ballista and catapults to fire and for the battle to begin. – Liam

The flaming arrow meant that the battle should commence – Lilly Anna

The British were brave but stupid. The fight was horrifying. – Benjamin

We kicked them, we stabbed them and threw them to the ground. – Stella

The cavalry now went into battle. They were hidden behind the trees. “Hold the line!” they said. – Evie-Rae

Everything went as planned. The Emperor stood praying for victory. – Susan

The battle turned to a death land. Everyone was slicing and stabbing warriors. – Euanson

Then we heard a shout from the Emperor. “Roma victor!’ he screamed. – Singher

Next week we’ll learn about how the Romans were challenged and nearly defeated by a brave warrior queen.

Well done to all the children who are reading regularly at home. Guzal has made so much progress that this week I moved her up 12 levels. Susan is this week’s Lexia Legend. She has gained 16 units this week in only 56 minutes. Our top three Sumdog superstars are Susan, Sonny and Benjamin who have all answered over 2000 questions each with at least 89% accuracy over the past seven days.

We went a bit QR code crazy this week. I showed the children how to save text as a QR code. As part of our work on values, we typed up quotes about kindness and saved them as QR codes which can be scanned by the phone or tablet of anyone who needs a brighter day. We will be printing these out next week so keep a look out, and be ready to smile. Ramtin then had the brilliant idea of creating a QR code of number problems. Thanks to his flash of inspiration, we now plan to make a maths treasure hunt around the school grounds.

During our Maths No Problem lessons we have been learning to round numbers to 10000. Jessica worked incredibly hard was rewarded with outstanding progress. We also learned how to count like Romans. X out of X for everyone.

Homework: p.4 and 5 (nouns and adjectives) of the English books, spellings, reading and a maths worksheet about place value.

Learners of the Week are Susan and Xavier. Nobody has quite matched the level of exceptional effort and brilliant behaviour that they have set, but I’m pleased to say that my choice has been more difficult than I could have hoped for.

Thank you to every child in Y4DM. Every one of them has done something to make me proud this week.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

Friday 22nd September

Hi everyone.

This week I used the ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan to teach the children about the value of Belonging. It is a beautiful story about a man who finds a strange and unusual creature without a home. Everyone else is too busy to even notice that it is lost, but the man takes pity on it, cares for it, and after a long search, he eventually finds a place where The Lost Thing belongs. We read the book, watched the video and we created our own Lost Thing pictures and descriptions. I hope my children understood the message that I was trying to teach. There is a place for every thing that doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere: Y4DM.

You probably know already, but in case you were wondering, the balloon and gases investigation went well. No injuries. but lots of excitement and learning instead. Next week we’ll be experimenting with a substance that can be a solid, liquid or a gas. Don’t worry, it’s so safe you can even drink it.

Olaseni, Singher, Liam, Ramtin and Stella should be proud of their scores in this week’s mental arithmetic tests. Lubaya should also be proud. She showed that she wants to learn, and that she wants to make progress. Lubaya’s ability to reflect on her progress and skills is something that should be celebrated loudly. Learning doesn’t just happen. You have to want it.

Learners of the Week are Kyron and Singher. Even if I’d worn a blindfold I would still be able to notice how hard they have tried in every lesson, and I would also be certain that they would be setting the perfect example with how we should behave in Y4. I must also mention how pleased I am that Stella, Evie, Benjamin, Susan and Andrea made my choice very difficult.
Jessica, Naza and Abigail have also shown that they have the attitude and the desire needed to make this a very happy and very successful year.

Homework: maths worksheets about mental arithmetic and place value and home reading books. The children wrote their new spellings in their planners today and uploaded them to Google Classroom. If you have internet access, please give your child the time to complete the spelling lesson that I have set on Reading Eggspress, and the place value challenge I have created on Sumdog.

Possibly the most exciting news this week is that my class managed to stop talking and really focus on their work at least twice!  During the steel pans lesson on Wednesday everyone was concentrating and listening intently, and the same thing happened today when we had a surprise samba music lesson with Mr. Mercer.

Meeting the expectations for behaviour and effort in Y4DM is still quite a challenge for some children but I’m sure well get there sooner rather than later, even if I have to turn every lesson into a song.

Have a good weekend.

Mr. Moore

Y4 DM Friday 15th September

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Y4 DM. This is where I get to celebrate the amazing achievements that your child will make in Y4, and to remind myself how why I still love being a teacher. So here goes …

As usual, many children have soaked up computing skills very quickly. The majority of them can now upload work to our Google classroom independently. Being able to use the internet confidently and safely is crucial in Y4. We will be making the most of opportunities to use online learning at school and at home. In Y4 DM lessons don’t finish at 3:10pm and my classroom doesn’t close for the holidays.

I think that my class and I are beginning to understand each other. Mr. Moore requires more. Although some children have found it hard quite to adjust to a new level of expectation, many of my pupils have shown that they are going to have a good year in Y4DM. Kyron and Rhys are really impressing me with their calm and hard working attitudes, and Andrea, Singher, Susan and Stella have provided a perfect example in every minute of every day. Well done also to Deacon for showing stronger self-discipline, Olaseni for his mature and helpful attitude, and to Giselle for demonstrating improved determination and focus.

Our first science topic is all about solids, liquids and gases. After sorting objects into different groups we made a substance that can be solid and liquid at the same time. Ramtin and Hamza were so inspired that they went home and made their own ‘slime’ from cornflour and water. All went well until today, when the inevitable disaster happened. To cut a long story short, at least clothes and classrooms can be cleaned. More science fun and learning next week when we’ll try to inflate a balloon using a chemical reaction. What could possibly go wrong?

Homework for this week: spellings, home reading books, and a worksheet about ordering numbers to 9999. If you have internet access please encourage your child to complete the times table challenge that I have set for my class on Sumdog Maths. All children have a Lexia Core 5 license, so if possible, provide 20 minutes for them to work on their reading skills.

I hope that you will be able to attend the Parents’ Meeting next Wednesday where I will be able to share more about how we can make Y4 a very happy successful year for your child.

Have a great weekend

Mr. Moore

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