Arts Project – The Journey

Day 3

When the children see me tomorrow, they will probably notice that I have more grey hairs than yesterday. Though we reached many landmarks, I felt that the journey was more difficult than usual, and that there were too many obstacles in our way. Hopefully we will remember to pack extra focus, our best listening skills and some spare concentration in tomorrow’s suitcase.

We started today by asking the children to share how they were feeling which they did by placing a button on the picture of a face that represented their emotions. It was a challenge for some to explain why they had made their choice. Being able to understand our feelings is really important. It gives us a chance to appreciate, and show thanks, or alternatively, to focus on overcoming difficulties and dealing positively with difficult issues.

Please encourage your children to read an atlas more frequently. One of the reasons that I am so proud to work at ACE is because we have many pupils who have a heritage in countries from all over the world. I was surprised that most of my class found it difficult to locate the continents and to explain how they differed from countries. Sonny did really well in this session. I’m looking forward to receiving postcards from him from all around the world when he goes on his ‘gap’ year before university.

A little more was revealed today about the family in ‘The Journey’ by Francesca Sanna. War and tragedy has engulfed them. Sorrow and chaos is all around them. The children were asked to write what they thought war meant. There were many excellent responses and Mrs. Johnston and I were both really moved by Stella’s heartfelt understanding and empathy.

Tones and tints, lighter and darker shades, and complementary colours filled our afternoon. After deciding which colour they would associate with themselves (mine was purple), the children mixed a myriad of variations on their choice, explored brush style and experimented with line and shape. What started as a task for individuals became collaborative work when the children were asked to exchange their palette with someone who had been using their complementary colour.

My highlight of the day has to be when Mrs. Johnston tipped a box filled with buttons all over the classroom floor in order to illustrate the meaning of the word chaos. Her strategy worked brilliantly as the children were thrown into a state of confusion and uncertainty, plus for a brief moment in time, her classroom looked almost as messy as mine can be.

Mr. Moore

Arts Project – The Journey

Day 2

The day began with a reminder about attitudes to learning and expectations in Y4. No one should be using capital letters in the wrong place and all sentences should be punctuated correctly. I am pleased to say that nearly everyone listened carefully and acted on our advice. Although we only had half a day with Mrs. Johnston, the children showed much more of the potential that they possess.

After a discussion about journeys made by the children, we listened to Mrs. Johnston read a page from Francesca Sanna’s book ‘The Journey’. Thoughts were shared about what might have happened to the family in the story, and then Y4 received the most difficult challenge of the day. Working in groups, the children had to put together a jigsaw which illustrated the page that Mrs. Johnston had read to them. I am pleased that Y4 showed some of their best qualities: teamwork, patience, determination and perseverance.

Euanson, Guzal, Jessica, Abigail, Stella, Harley and Deacon are just a few of the pupils who impressed with their effort and skill in writing when they wrote their responses to comprehension questions about the jigsaw image.

The biggest impact today was probably made during the dance lesson. Within only a few minutes, my class had mastered a dance move that Y6 had found almost impossible to learn. Well done to Harley, Ramtin and Deacon for playing a critical part in the session.

For me, tomorrow can’t come soon enough. It will be another day full of opportunity, creativity, learning and celebration.

Mr. Moore




Arts Project – The Journey

Day 1

Our first day of our fortnight with Mrs. Johnston has been crammed full of learning. We have already been enriched with new vocabulary, we have explored line, texture and tone using mixed media, and we have shared thoughts and ideas through writing and drawing. Although, too many children have had to be reminded about fighting a harder battle with their archenemy (punctuation), I think we made a good impression.

Good isn’t enough; let’s be great.

Mr. M

Friday 2nd March

Hi everyone.

I don’t snow where to begin: perhaps with the weather.

The snow tried its best to disrupt our learning this week but, as usual, there is still a lot to celebrate in Y4DM.

The first thing to do is to say welcome back to Giselle. Everyone is delighted that she has found her way home to ACE. It feels like we have all the pieces of the jigsaw back together again.

We learned a little more about the human digestion system this week when we looked at the functions of parts of the body. I learned that some of my children laugh easily, and can also be made to feel queasy quite easily. If any of my class are going to be the doctor that operates on me one day, then they are going to have to toughen up a bit.

This afternoon I asked the children to draw a Viking longship. Sonny’s work was, as usual, absolutely outstanding. He included a terrific level of detail as well as showing great control over shape and perspective. What pleased me most however, was the amount of progress that Liam made during the lesson. He was very disappointed with his initial drawing but he listened really carefully to feedback, and produced work that he is rightly proud of.

Once again I have chosen Susan as Learner of the Week. I think she’s been picked three times this year but I could select her every week for the same thing. Susan has a very serious attitude to learning and wants to make the most of all the time she spends at school. She avoids distraction, listens carefully and shows resilience when things get difficult. Susan was genuinely disappointed that school was closed on Thursday. It’s incredible but true.

I am forced to choose Benjamin again as my second Learner of the Week. He too has been a recent choice, but how can I ignore 59 units scored on Lexia in just 7 days? His attitude to learning is faultless, and nobody takes homework more seriously than Benjamin.

Homework is as follows: English books (commas in a list), Maths books (perimeter problems), personalised spellings and a Sumdog shape challenge.

We begin our Arts Project with Mrs. Johnston on Monday. I am really looking forward to a fortnight of creative activities that will have a huge impact on the standard of writing and art in Y4DM, as well as igniting belief, confidence and a passion for expressing ideas through art and design. I can’t wait.

Our postponed World Book Day event will take place on Tuesday, so, if possible, children should come dressed as a character from Where’s Wally?

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

Friday 23rd February

Hi everyone.

Spring term 2 has started well. The children seem to be very happy to be back and they have all been working hard.

Everyone has been successful in maths lessons this week and lots of progress has been made in learning how to calculate the area of different shapes using centimetre squares. I am also pleased to report that Euanson and Ramtin scored maximum marks of 15 out of 15 in the mental arithmetic test today.

I used a picture of a Viking warrior as the stimulus for our Big Write this week. It caused excitement, fascination, horror and enthusiasm for writing.

‘An ominous atmosphere is around the callous Viking who has just killed an innocent fisherman; the blood pervades through the dark seashore.’ – Sonny

Our value for this week and next is self-control. Mrs. Potter put my self-control to the test today. She gave me a doughnut but instructed me not to eat it until the end of the day. She also insisted that I should not lick my lips when I did finally eat it. I managed to wait until 4pm but I have to admit that I failed on the second challenge. I will put my class to the test next week.

Evie Rae really impressed me with her programming skills this week. We started to create a racing game using Scratch and Evie showed more confidence and skill than anyone. I think she likes coding because of the creative opportunities but it is also a great way to develop logical thinking and reasoning. Jessica, Fatimah, Ramtin and many others have amazed me with computing skills. Because the children learn so quickly, I sometimes fail to give them the credit that they deserve. To be able to move effortlessly between platforms (iPads, PCs and Chromebooks), and to create and upload documents easily at the age of 8 or 9 is simply incredible.

Learners of the Week are Arman and Guzal. Both of them have been listening really carefully and concentrating hard on their tasks. Their focus and determination has been good, and their constantly positive attitudes make the classroom a happier place, and they make me very proud.

Well done to Abigail, Ronnie, Jessica, Andrea, Benjamin, Rhys and Xavier for gaining lots of units on Lexia this week, and thanks to Naza, Ramtin and Lubaya for using Sumdog during the holiday.

Homework: Maths (Area), English (Homophones). New spellings were uploaded to Google classroom today, and a printed copy will be provided on Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

Friday 9th February

Hello everyone.

Today we reached the halfway point of the school year. I am really pleased with the progress the children have made so far and I am delighted that we still have plenty of time left to make this an exceptional year.

Perhaps the most important lessons this week were based around Safer Internet Day, which we celebrated on Tuesday. The children were reminded about how to make the right choices when online so that they can keep safe and enjoy the internet. They made e-safety posters to advise other children and they created wristbands on which they wrote a pledge to make the internet a better place to visit.

Today we finished our class novel, The Firework Maker’s Daughter. Somehow I managed to avoid bursting into uncontrollable weeping, as Lila and her father Lalchand were finally reconciled. We have loved reading this book and when I read the last sentence today the class spontaneously applauded. Ask your child/children about Lila’s three gifts. I think my pupils have already been given some of them.

I’d like to thank Mrs. Whiteley and Mrs. Johnston for organising the Harry Potter Night this week. All the children who attended told me that they had a truly magical time. Mrs. Stott had great things to say about Ramtin, Mrs. J told me that Leigha was wonderful, and an owl showed Lubaya that she already possesses the three gifts that Lila worked so hard to discover.

Deacon was the hero of today’s guided reading session. Everyone in his group recognised that massive progress that he has made and congratulated him, and I couldn’t help giving him a ‘high5’ for his improved fluency.

Arman has also had a very good week. I am so pleased by how much his vocabulary has improved and by how much effort he is putting in to every lesson.

Benjamin is my first Learner of the Week. He has shown excellent focus and concentration in every task. He has been contributing really well to maths lessons and he gained an amazing 35 units on Lexia this week. As usual, he has behaved brilliantly: he has been completely kind and perfectly polite. Well done Benjamin.

My second Learner of the Week is Elvis. Elvis Husky (not Presley). On Tuesday afternoon he taught three Y3 classes all about wolves, and both Y5 classes about how animals of the Arctic survive in very cold temperatures. His lessons inspired the children and he behaved very well, showing great patience and gentleness. When he got home from school Elvis emailed the Y3 classes to thank them. His spelling was terrible but he tried very hard.

Holiday homework: if you have internet access please make sure that your child works on their Lexia time target, Reading Eggspress lessons and Sumdog challenges. I have also asked the children to complete the pages on rounding decimals from the maths books, as well as the section on tricky spellings in the English books.

Have a wonderful half term holiday.

Mr. Moore

Friday 2nd February

Hello everyone. Another week of learning, work and fun has flown by. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday did well, but Monday and Friday were both exceptional this week.

We learned about Anglo Saxon runes this week (the letters that made up the alphabet). After discovering that the Anglo Saxons wrote on stone, the children chose pebbles to write the runes that spelled their names. The excitement and interest was turned up to 11 when we began the process of sawing and sanding wooden cubes to make Anglo Saxon necklaces. Olaseni and Deacon had a terrific battle to see who could make the smoothest bead, and every single child was excited about what they were learning. Because the children were so motivated by this lesson, I have asked Mrs. Stott for an outdoor workbench for us to continue our projects. She has very kindly agreed. I am really looking forward to teaching the children about maths, design, art and so they can create useful and beautiful objects.

The value that we are currently studying in school is Forgiveness. I had asked the children to write about when they last needed to be forgiven, and I talked about how Jesus suggested that we should be prepared to forgive each other seventy times seven, a number that symbolised boundlessness. Today, I had the feeling that the lesson wasn’t finished. I thought that we might be able to do something with poetry. My initial idea was to create an acrostic poem. The children helped me to collect vocabulary that began with the same letter of those in the word ‘forgiveness’. The levels of enthusiasm were so great that at one point every single one of the children was on their feet, desperate to contribute some vocabulary. Due to the overwhelming response, I decided to challenge the children a bit more by asking them to think of opening words and lines to fit around the acrostic. By doing so, we created some stunningly powerful ‘found poems’ of fragmentary thoughts. In their first drafts, very single child produced work that will make you stop, think, cry and smile. I don’t think I’ve ever been more pleased with my class. Next week we will write and type our work so it looks as good as it sounds. Here is what Stella had to say.

Always forgive people at any opportunity. Relax your heart because you’re a gift. Inside your heart is very forgiving. Love yourself in every vision, for everyone can be forgiven. Be nice to nature and be elegant. For being sweet, can be the best thing that you can show.

Friday was also fantastic because I got a chance to say how pleased I am with Naza and Sonny in our Gold Book Assembly. Naza has been chosen for her focus and concentration, which is always perfect. She listens very carefully and does the best she can in every lesson. When a task takes her a long time Naza does rush to finish. She has a wonderfully conscientious attitude.

I could not be more pleased with the progress that Sonny has made. It is wonderful to see him making the most of his intelligence and talents, and to be achieving such high standards in all subjects. The levels of self-discipline, focus and humility that he has shown have made me very proud.

My choices for Learners of the Week are Rayhan and Leigha.

Rayhan may think that by trying incredibly hard, and by being quiet, determined and gentlemanly, that his efforts go unnoticed. I want Rayhan to know that these are the values that make him stand out. I am immensely proud of his manner and his attitude.

Leigha knows that she has had a really good week. Again, determination has been the reason that Leigha has stood out this week. She has avoided distraction and has tried immensely hard throughout the week, and she has made some terrific progress.

Thank you to Liam, Fatimah, Harley, Ramtin and Fatimah who helped their fellow pupils learn to use green screen skills in today’s comprehension lesson. Using artifacts from the schools’ museum service, the children wore a replica Anglo Saxon helmet and brandished a sword and shield as they pretended to be Beowulf in a dark and scary forest, reporting on his battle with Grendel.

Homework: please encourage your child to have a go at the creative writing task, and also the sheet about decimals and equivalent forms. I have set a Reading Eggspress lesson to fit in with spellings for this week, and a Sumdog challenge on adding and ordering decimals.

Have a wonderful weekend, and to my children, be good, be safe and be here on Monday.

Mr. Moore


Friday 26th January

Hi everyone

During Maths Week we have been thinking about how maths is used in different careers. Thank you so much to Liam’s mum who spoke to the whole school about how she needs to have good maths skills in her work as a nurse. This inspired the children to think about how they will use maths in their future vocations.

Ramtin, Rhys and Hamza want to be footballers. They explained that they will need to be able to use measuring skills when passing, angles when they take free kicks and calculation when they counts their transfer fees and salary. I’ll teach them about percentages when I get them to sign exclusive contracts with me as their agent. When Liam is a rugby player he will be using time telling skills to work out how long to train, and he will look for patterns when he decides whether to pass, kick or run. Measuring time and using graphs will be really important for Andrea when she is a triathlete, and Sonny will need to be able to read gauges to calculate his speed and altitude as an RAF pilot. As a world famous online chef, Stella is going to have to know a lot about measuring weights, costs of ingredients as well as counting all those millions of subscribers.

Well done to Euanson, Ramtin, Susan who came 7th, 8th and 9th respectively in the Key Stage 2 times table challenge. 132 children took part in the contest so you’ll understand why I am so impressed. I was also really pleased with Lubaya for achieving 23rd place with 90% accuracy.

Hooray to Harley, who, together with Chloe from Mrs. Potter’s class won the Y4 maths quiz with a score of 19 out of 20.

I really appreciated Evie-Rae’s contributions to Google Classroom this week. After studying a beautiful mathematical pattern at school, she continued it at home and shared it with us.






Lexia news: Liam earned a mighty 27 units this week. Olaseni, Rayhan, Leigha, Xavier, Andrea, Arman and Benjamin also made excellent progress.

The decision about who should be Learner of the Week has been more difficult than ever but I cannot let Susan wait any longer. I hope she knows how much I appreciate the fine example that she sets to the class in every moment of the school day. I could choose her every week. I have also chosen Liam for his effort, an excellent attitude to learning and a determination to make progress. I’m pretty sure that I’m not allowed to do this but I’ve chosen 3 Learners of the Week. Fatimah needs to be praised for a particularly good week. I want her to know that I am proud of her for trying hard to avoid distraction, for working so hard and for showing me that will be able to achieve her dreams of becoming a civil engineer.

Guzal, Kyron and Abigail have also made me very proud this week. Their focus on making progress has been brilliant. Lilly-Anna, Ronnie and Euanson have also shown a similar attitude.

As usual, I was delighted to receive Stella’s homework. Not only does she always complete her tasks, she really thinks about how she can make her work look good or sound interesting. I am really grateful to all the children (and parents) who try so hard to make sure that learning doesn’t finish at 3:10pm.

Maths homework: ordering decimal numbers worksheet + decimal Sumdog challenge.

English homework: new spellings + story writing about the mythical monster named Grendel, a terrifying creature from the poem Beowulf.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

Friday 19th January

Haiku time again,

That’s poetry from Japan.

Count the syllables.


The beats in the lines,

Should be five, seven then five,

To make it just right.


I asked the children

To make a haiku poem

About animals.


Their work was superb

Well done Guzal and Arman

Absolutely great.


Science was great fun,

Sam the soundman was so good,

He taught us so much.


Vibration and waves,

Air particles and bridges,

And amplifiers.


Plus all about pitch,

And how to make instruments,

From recycled things.

Beautiful maths work

From many children this week

When they drew their graphs


Great presentation

Accurate work with rulers

Data now looks good


Mrs Stott will laugh

At the last verse that I wrote

She will spot a pun.


Lots more laughs this week

When we made string telephones

We learned a lot too.

The best partnership

Was Olaseni and Jess

Brilliant effort


Our values lesson

Was about democracy

We all got our say.


Which flavour is best?

Was the question that I asked.

The vote was taken.


Appalling result

Most children chose prawn cocktail.

Hideous flavor.


Now I have to buy

29 packets of crisps

That I really hate.


On Monday it’s worse.

I’m supposed to eat a pack.

Majority rule.


Learners of the Week:

Sonny and also Stella.

Really wonderful.


Amazing effort

In everything they have done.

I can’t ask for more.


I could say much more

But syllables limit me

They will understand.


I must also thank

Singher and Susan too,

As well as Ramtin


Homework for this week:

An English writing challenge,

Maths sheet on Monday.


I’d better stop now

I can’t help talking like this

Mrs. Moore is cross.


Have a good weekend.

I will see you all next week

Haiku blog is done


Mr. Moore

Friday 12th January

Hello everyone

This term is always one of my favourite times of the school year as it always seems to be the time when children make the most progress, academically, socially and emotionally. This week has of course been packed full of progress.

The children love our class novel, The Firework Maker’s Daughter. Everyone was terrified when we read about Lila’s meeting with the Fire Fiend but it helped us to produce some brilliant Big Writes. I asked the children to write instructions about what to do when you meet the Fire Fiend. Fatimah delighted me with her desire to choose the best vocabulary and by her focus on doing the best that she could. She’s shown what is required in Y4.

Begin your journey by climbing the enormous and monstrous mountain until you’re muscles hurt and you’re bleeding’.

Maths has been a very popular subject this week. We’ve been learning about fractions, a topic that the children had previously found quite difficult to understand. After a couple of lessons many children have now decided that it is actually their favourite aspect of maths.

Thank you to the Friends Association for buying some BBC Microbit computers to help us learn about coding. Microbits are usually used by High Schools, with pupils in Y8 and above, but we don’t worry about a challenge at ACE. After teaching the teachers how to use the Microbits at a staff meeting, I showed my class how to make a program that would display a message using the LEDs on the Microbit. Teachers and children all learned very quickly but I have to tell you that the children were much better behaved. I was really pleased that many of the girls enjoyed their programming lesson. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Evie Rae be so confident and smile so much. Neil Armstrong would not have walked on the moon had it not been for female computer programmers.

Well done to Benjamin and Susan for making incredible progress on Lexia this week. 35 and 34 units respectively are very impressive. Sonny and Liam have also scored a seriously significant amount of units this week.

My Learners of the Week are Hamza and Elyssa. After a long break from school Hamza has come back and shown me why we had missed him so much. He has worked to his full potential, quietly, sensibly and diligently. With every week that goes by Elyssa shows me greater confidence, determination and ability. She is absolutely flourishing.

Homework: spellings, 6x times table focus, a writing task and the equivalent fractions page in the maths homework book.

We’ve been thinking about the value of Thankfulness this week. A video about Nick Vujicic made us realise how lucky we are just to have arms and legs. Every single child wrote about how grateful they were for their families, Ramtin told us that we should be thankful to God for everything that we have been given, and Signher said that she is grateful to Euanson for showing her how to answer a maths problem. He didn’t just tell her the answer, he taught her and helped her to understand. Harley and Fatimah wanted to say thank you to Ariana Grande for being so kind to the people hurt in the Manchester Arena bombings.

I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful class.

Next week will be even better. On Wednesday, Sam the Soundman will be visiting us. He will teach us everything about the science of sound and we will make our own musical instruments. I hope you all have some good headphones / earplugs

Have a great weekend

Mr. Moore