Thursday 21st April

Hi Year 4

As promised, today was all about art and animation. We refined and completed stage one of our undersea pictures. Yes – only stage one. You’ll find out next week what the extra challenge will be.

We done for making Mrs Johnson nearly cry today (in a good way). She was so impressed with how well my class responded in their dance lesson that I think she was quite shocked and definitely a bit emotional. Everyone was so engaged, expressive, eager and simply excellent.

The rest of of day was spent planning and recording stop motion films about the journey of  a bottle across the ocean. Mrs Johnston was really pleased with the level of creativity and variation in ideas that Year 4 produced. It made me very happy to see everyone sharing ideas, tasks and roles and working so cooperatively. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear in 20 years time that Toby, Laaibah, Ben and Jack M are working in the film industry. Just remember that Mrs Johnston and I will expect a ticket to the Oscars!

Megan is our Star of the Day. Her insightful, helpful and kind critique of others’ work was both impressive and useful. I’m really pleased that you have shown both Mrs Js how brilliant you are. Keep shining Megan!

We’ll give Mrs Johnston a day off tomorrow – she probably needs to recharge for a bit after meeting Year 4 DM. Spellings, mental arithmetic, grammar, RE, geography, music and more movie making and animation to fit in. We might have to work through the weekend too!


I think I need to change the frame rate on my animation. It’s making my eyes spin.

Mr Moore



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