Tuesday 9th May

Hi everyone

Hopefully by now your child will have explained to you what personification means. After reading a few short poems we understood: personification happens when we give human attributes to something non-human. Apparently, there is an artist called Jack Frost, clock hands fidget and the wind is a wolf! Well done to Shams for being on fire, for creating the first spark of the day and set us ablaze.

Kai and Niall helped Mrs. Johnston teach a superb lesson about how to use speech marks when we write dialogue. Her expert demonstration and explanation was aided by the boys’ brilliant improvisational acting skills.


I’m not sure how but it seems that in 24 hours our painting and collage skills have improved by 100% (check my figures Adwaya). Mrs. Johnston and I were delighted and also amazed to see such rapid progress. After lunch, the children worked in pairs to create a collage based on the work of Robert Kushner. There was some excellent discussion and negotiation. Perhaps working collaboratively made the difference but I can assure you that we’d have more paint on ourselves than on the paper if it weren’t for Mrs. Johnston.

In the final session of the day representatives of Manchester University visited us. They had last seen my class in Y2 and had come today to see the progression in their reading skills and in their attitudes towards learning. The children did a reading test and completed a well-being survey. As their teacher, I was also expected to complete a survey about my class. What a pleasure it was to be able to give so much positive feedback. It made me realise how few problems we have with behaviour, and how kind and lovely the children are to each other. They’re even nice to me sometimes.

Learners of the Day? Difficult decision, but I’ll choose Shakirah and Isaac. Constant effort and always engaged in their learning.

Please remind your children not to neglect their maths skills. The names on the top of the Sumdog leaderboard gave me another reason to smile today.

Mr M




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