Wednesday 10th May

We only had half a day with Mrs Johnston today and so the pressure was on to make serious progress with our artwork. Many children have found it hard to learn new art skills and to break away from what they know. Some are drawing and painting what they see in their head rather than what they see with their eyes. Despite these hurdles, most of the collages are now looking really good and have potential to be amazing.

According to Miss Linsley, this afternoon’s RSPB visitors were delighted by the enthusiasm of my class. Unsurprisingly, they showed how much they love animals, and Ibran and Matthew were particularly keen to do something to improve the school grounds so that wildlife can flourish even more.

Tomorrow we’ll be putting the finishing touches to our Robert Kusher work, we’ll write letters of apology from the Selfish Giant, and we will rehearse our dance for the final time before sharing all our work in our Friday celebration with parents and families.

Learners of the Day are Adwaya and Olivia. I saw them ‘in the pit’, I saw them listen to advice and I saw them act on it. Tomorrow I want to see even more children making a ‘learning leap’.

The Sumdog leaderboard looks a lot greener today.  A special thank you Daniel, Sophie and Melika who have been putting in extra time before and after school.

Mr. Moore

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