Y4 DM Friday 15th September

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Y4 DM. This is where I get to celebrate the amazing achievements that your child will make in Y4, and to remind myself how why I still love being a teacher. So here goes …

As usual, many children have soaked up computing skills very quickly. The majority of them can now upload work to our Google classroom independently. Being able to use the internet confidently and safely is crucial in Y4. We will be making the most of opportunities to use online learning at school and at home. In Y4 DM lessons don’t finish at 3:10pm and my classroom doesn’t close for the holidays.

I think that my class and I are beginning to understand each other. Mr. Moore requires more. Although some children have found it hard quite to adjust to a new level of expectation, many of my pupils have shown that they are going to have a good year in Y4DM. Kyron and Rhys are really impressing me with their calm and hard working attitudes, and Andrea, Singher, Susan and Stella have provided a perfect example in every minute of every day. Well done also to Deacon for showing stronger self-discipline, Olaseni for his mature and helpful attitude, and to Giselle for demonstrating improved determination and focus.

Our first science topic is all about solids, liquids and gases. After sorting objects into different groups we made a substance that can be solid and liquid at the same time. Ramtin and Hamza were so inspired that they went home and made their own ‘slime’ from cornflour and water. All went well until today, when the inevitable disaster happened. To cut a long story short, at least clothes and classrooms can be cleaned. More science fun and learning next week when we’ll try to inflate a balloon using a chemical reaction. What could possibly go wrong?

Homework for this week: spellings, home reading books, and a worksheet about ordering numbers to 9999. If you have internet access please encourage your child to complete the times table challenge that I have set for my class on Sumdog Maths. All children have a Lexia Core 5 license, so if possible, provide 20 minutes for them to work on their reading skills.

I hope that you will be able to attend the Parents’ Meeting next Wednesday where I will be able to share more about how we can make Y4 a very happy successful year for your child.

Have a great weekend

Mr. Moore

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